9 métodos alternativos de transporte para o futuro

When it comes to futuristic transportation, self-driving cars are just the beginning. Whether traveling by ground, water, or air, the ways we might get around in the future are approaching the stuff of sci-fi fantasy. These projects are worth keeping an eye on (though some are more likely to actually happen than others). link para…

Preocupado com veículos autônomos? Saiba o que você pode fazer.

For three years I’ve been writing at least once a week about self-driving cars and I’ve recently noticed a shift in popular opinion. The wide-eyed optimism of seeingGoogle’s cute-as-a-button robot bopping unassisted around a parking lot has been replaced by some ambiguous, malicious, unknowable entity, a shapeshifting Smoke Monster that ruins our lives and ravages…

Elon Musks tenta criar uma companhia verde para salvar o mundo

Musk looks to consolidate his renewable energy empire Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla has offered to buy SolarCity in a deal valued at $2.5 to $3 billion, a bid that would position the combined company to become a vertically integrated clean energy giant, the company said Tuesday.   link para reportagem: http://time.com/4377603/tesla-elon-musk-solarcity/    

Razões da Tesla para a compra da SolarCity são nebulosas

Tesla announced after the market closed an offer to buy SolarCity. Tesla buying SolarCity should create some cost savings but this aspect doesn’t seem to be a driver and probably wouldn’t have a large financial impact. On the company’s blog it posted five reasons for buying SolarCity, which I’ve posted below with thoughts on each…

Este ônibus de Washington DC é autônomo, elétrico e impresso em 3D

Love autonomous vehicles? Have penchant for buses and public transport? Well, you’re in luck because American can manufacturer Local Motors has teamed up with computing giant IBM to create the Olli, a fleet of driverless buses that will be operating in the Washington DC area. link para reportagem: http://www.t3.com/news/this-washington-dc-bus-is-driverless-electric-and-3d-printed

Veículos elétricos e os novos negócios da tecnologia

A recent report from RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab) describes how the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) could happen much faster than most expect, driven by a host of incentives, targets, and trends. The rapid growth of EVs is driving innovation in numerous areas and has far-reaching implications. For one, it is critically important for…

Uso do Lyft e Uber mantém-se baixos

Over the past few months, automakers have been pouring investments into ride-hailing services. GM invested $500 million in Lyft, Volkswagen invested $300 million in Gett, Toyota invested an undisclosed amount in Uber, Fiat is rumored to be in talks with Uber, and Apple, which is rumored to be making a car, invested $1 billion in…

Uma conversa com o CEO da Local Motors, criadora do Olli

I’m here at Local Motors’ new National Harbor Facility just outside of Washington, DC, where Local Motors is introducing their new autonomous people-hauler, named Olli. Olli is a big, friendly-looking box, and, to a space-utilization fetishist like myself, that’s a good thing. link para reportagem: https://flipboard.com/@luizaandrada/mobilidade-minuto-53cbt45hy/let%27s-talk-live-with-the-local-motors-ceo-and-olli%2C-his-new-robotic-driving-box/a-IeKa1mcPR-GWHaLqVSGI9Q%3Aa%3A37040631-4e7cde8dbf%2Fjalopnik.com

A visão do futuro da Mini é um kart urbano compartilhado

BMW’s stargazing has reached Mini, with the company unveiling its Vision Next 100 model in London. Joining siblings from BMW and Rolls-Royce, the future of Mini is designed to be fun, funky, and shared with strangers. Acknowledging that urban dwellers… link para reportagem: https://flipboard.com/@luizaandrada/mobilidade-minuto-53cbt45hy/mini%27s-future-vision-is-an-urban-go-kart%2C-made-for-sharing/a-tKq64TdTSe2ZAQFwUAmXYg%3Aa%3A37040631-d1b254710b%2Fpocket-lint.com