Como um habitante pode vivenciar a cidade sustentável?

 «Many aspects of urban design and new approaches to city form are based on the concept of liveability. These approaches recognise that design and structure can be very influential in the life of a town or city and indeed to the building of community in and of itself.»

Community Research Connections,

What is the liveability and how to evaluate it ? This is the quality of what is livable thanks to good conditions met there. We can evaluate the livability of a city with these characteristics: Stability, health care, Culture, Environnement, Education and Infrastructure.

The liveability mean that it is tied to physically amenities (parks, green spaces) but it is also linked with the cultural offerings, career opportunities, the dynamism of the economy and also the health, safety, and family. Sustainability is a way of life. People have to change their habits and consumption habits, they need to be awareness about bene ts of the sustainability, and how to live sustainably. Need to be in the mentality of the inhabitant, because in 2050, there will have more than 50% of the populations in the city. I think that in a sustainable city, inhabitant can enjoy because of the liveability, the public spaces (green spaces) also the health of the population which improve. Less pollution, less stress, breath better, but he can also enjoy because of the employment (dynamic city) He can also live well with his family, safely, use local products.

Melbourne is number 1 on the list of the most liveable cities. In 2016 Melbourne was, once again, ranked the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) and this is the sixth consecutive year that Melbourne is chosen for this price.
On the other hand, there is a city like Mumbai, a city in development but the first liveable city of India. In this city of 24 million of inhabitant with less than 1 square meter of open space per resident, it is interesting to see the way to improve the liveability. For example, the Open Mumbai project, designed by Pk Das, architect, is in an interesting way to offer open space for the inhabitant and rethink the city. This project showed, is an answer to this big project, transforming old waterways useless in public and green spaces for pedestrians or bikers for example.

Open Mumbai Project, waterways Pk Das Architect


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