How can we preserve mood, feelings & humanity in a “Smart city” ?

A smart city is an urban concept which is starting to be inked in the society. Nevertheless,some progress needs to be done, to give a better place to people. A smart city is still a concept, and we can verify it when we type « smart city » in a search engine. Indeed, we mostly find utopian pictures, architect,and design concept pictures that are asepticized, where feeling and humanity is not really taken account.
Then, it seems that it is the urban governance that is late. This is hard for the city- halls to apprehend completely the benefits of the technology. However, it is getting better and better, because we can see many urban innovations in a lot of cities around the world. Although we can’t say that any city is completely smart.

The progress comes from the citizens with their access to networks. To me, to bring mood, humanity, and feelings in a smart city implies to take care of the citizens well- being. To have a good feeling in a city, we need to combine different criteria : comfort, security, and pleasure. With this 3 elements, if we respect and apply them to the city, it could change a lot of things.
Concerning the mood, the key is the communication, the city needs to invite people to live and to meet, and spend time in the streets (green space, public space, city

lighting, city activities…). According to many studies, the mood is also transmitted by colors (L’étonnant pouvoir des Couleurs, Jean Gabriel Causse). Colors in the city are really important such as anywhere. Working on colors in the city can really have a good impact for the citizen’s feelings. Express people mood & creativity with colors: evolutive space, walls of expression, etc..

By the way, « Smart city » became such as a conceptual word that politics use to speak about the cities and the future. But could we make this concept go further…? « Smart city» is such an interesting and fundamental ecosystem but we maybe should speak about a sensitive city !


Finally, the sensitivity feeling must be the main objective of sensitive cities. The city has to propose a good « user- experience » for the citizens to feel well, and it can pass with the senses (smell, view, hear, touch). Can we imagine,for example, mood vehicles such as the new MINI concept, that change color according to people’s mood.

Link Mini mood concept car

Such as colors, lights plays a really important role to create an atmosphere. Could we imagine a new sensitive city that completely re-invent urban lighting ? Technology and connectivity can be used to create a good sensorial experience : making an interaction between the city lights, when the people walk at night, for example. Or can we imagine also a new way of lighting, where energy could come from the floor using the piezometric technology ? Afterward, the floor will also make its own light when the people walk.





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