O que faz uma cidade ser sustentável?

The objective of the sustainable city is to improve the quality of life in this city, including ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components without leaving a burden on the future generations. But it takes a long term perspective to be really sustainable.

Sustainable community development is the ability to make development choices which respect the relationship between «the three E’s» (economy, ecology, and equity). In fact, the economic activity should serve the common good, be self-renewing, and build local assets and self-reliance. Also, the ecologic way is like the human is part of nature, nature has limits, and communities are responsible for protecting and building natural assets. Then, the equity way is the opportunity for full participation in all activities, bene ts, and decision-making of a society.

The city had to answer to five criteria to be sustainable. First, the city had to be smart and think about the best ways and best innovations to improve the life of the inhabitants and also the evolution (in a good way). Then, the city had to be green, a lot of vegetation and naturals ways to have a good atmosphere, fewer noises and also absorb co2 and pollution.

Also, the city had to be resilient : the city «need to begin exploring effective strategies for developing greater capacities for resilience to the future impacts of both climate change and energy scarcity.» In fact, cities need to develop the necessary capacity to meet the evolution of the future. Of course, the sustainable city had to be well-governed because the government had an important role in the development of the city : it had to sensitive inhabitant about this way of life, this evolution, why it is needed to be sustainable and how does it work.

Then, the city had also to be inclusive, it mean that «all residents (including the most marginalized of poor workers) have a representative voice in governance, planning, and budgeting processes, and have access to sustainable livelihoods, legal housing and affordable basic services such as water/sanitation and an electricity supply».

Actually, in all the world, there are no cities completely sustainable. A lot of cities had already started to become more and more sustainable, which different thing to improve this way. But there is also a project who want to create a new city, completely sustainable : this is Masdar city, in Abu Dabi.

When this city will be ready, it could welcome more than 50.000 inhabitants (not before 2030). Design by the British architectural rm «Foster and Partners» this city will use only renewable energy resources. This project cost a lot to be built, but in the long term, it will be the first totally sustainable city, a planned zero-emissions cleantech hub.

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– Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED): Hart Environmental Data
http://www.fastcompany.com/1382025/zero-emissions-mas- dar-city-gets-
persian-gulfs- rst-geothermal-facility


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