Quais elementos fazem uma cidade ter mobilidade eficiente?

What defines a good mobility in a city ? This is a key question regarding to the future of our cities, in terms of mobility. There is a relationship between the mobility, the city itself and the rise of new and innovative technologies. These three criterias have a common point : they all are designed for us and by us, Human beings. It is proven that car-only approaches will not solve the mobility crunch, and several cities are trying to solve these mobilities issues. An efficient mobility goes with a sustainable city system and technology. There are 6 key elements that helps the city to improve its mobility.(1)


These criterias involve different ways of transport (bikes, cars, subways,…) and there are a host of benefits for cities that put alternative travel choices at the forefront of mobility policy for both people and goods :

(Helping more people to walk, cycle and use public transport reduces pressure on streets and highways and supports more sustainable population growth) > 45% of Copenhagen’s population cycle to work or study each day

-Potential for growth (Educated, working-age people flock to cities where quality of life is highest, and businesses flock to cities where there is a high population of educated workers)

-Improved health, happiness (When more people walk and bike around the city, population health improves, reducing pressure on healthcare services)

-Reduced casualties (Walkable, bicycle-friendly cities have lower rates of vehicle-related accidents, injuries and deaths – reducing pressure on emergency and healthcare services)

-Increased local economic activity (Cities that are affordable and welcoming for people of all ages avoid seeing citizens moving out to suburbs from where they commute more and spend less) > Leipzig is experiencing a boom in inward migration to the city center, adding 10,800 new inhabitants in 2012 using a ‘sharing economy’ for transportation, with a combination of innovative bike-share and car-share schemes (Teilauto)

-Pollution reduction
(Cities that encourage walking, cycling and public transport and efficient commercial traffic have lower CO2 emissions) > Portlanders drive 20 percent less than other cities in America, reducing CO2 emissions by about 11 percent from 1990 to 2013

The use of technology also calls to be developed to make mobility more fluent. Already tested and developed in some countries, autonomous cars are the symbol of a new era : the electric power. With the decrease of oil, electric transportation will definitely be more and more present. (Google is using the Google Cars, Mercedes is developping an autonomous Bus, the TOSA system developed by automation giant ABB in Switzerland, these buses power up at specific stops in just 15 seconds,…)


“Sidewalk will focus on improving city life for everyone by developing and incubating urban technologies to address issues like cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage” This quote by the Chief Executive of Google+ show the future of mobility involves smart and sustainable cities. Google for example opened the Sidewalk Labs to work on this project. In the same field, database is really important, to collect statistics and informations on the traffic (Placemeter – The New York City-based startup has developed ‘an urban intelligence platform’ which can draw on any kind of video in order to analyse pedestrian and vehicular movements in cities). As other examples of innovative technolgies involving mobility we can talk about Veniam (to turn vehicles into mobile WiFi hubs, collecting datas and transmitting it using high quality WiFi)

441691569_1280Placemeter. Example of algorithm used to get datas to regulate congestion












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