Luz, energia, tecnologia & carro

We can differentiate two landscapes : the day and the night. Humanity can’t exist without light, and it is essential for life and eco-system, or by night in the city, for example. Light seems a necessity, however, is not so easy to handle it completely.


philips-city-light_01-540x440Philips is a one of the main company, innovating in the area of light and street lighting. The company develops concepts and designs smart lighting environmentally friendly products. For example, they made this light concept «The day Illuminates the Night». This urban light finds his energy with the sun during the day. Such as a flower, it deploys its solar panels, and gradually close when the sun sets.

SONY DSCToday, solar energy is in vogue. There are the innovations that use the solar technology, such as Rawlemon. A wide sphere that collects a considerable amount of energy, placed on top of building in the city.


Meanwhile, small companies mainly located in the US (ARUP, Bioglow) stand out and offer unique solutions for lighting in the city. These new ideas, although they are not yet fully accomplished, relate to nature (bioluminescence) and really look promising for the future. Can we think about these new ways for enlightening ?

Sarah Griffths, « End of the street lamp ?Avatar-style glowing trees inspired by fireflies could soon light up our night skies »




Light is magical and is also related to technology. Today is developing the Smart textiles, and in cars, it could permit to add more sensitivity, more subtility, with the lighting interactions compare to screens, for example.

For instance, BMW is very willing to replace the textile surfaces that make a car interior comfy with Smart Fabrics that sense the car occupants. Indeed, Maksim Skorobogatiy of the Polytechnic School in Montreal Canada created, for example a soft polymer-based fiber you can weave into a fabric, which has electrical properties that change depending on where it is touched.

Besides, the car brand “Smart” also started to use smart textiles, Thinking of fabrics that the user’s body to have a better climatization.


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