Tesla responde a hacker chinês ao apresentar segurança reforçada

HACKING ANY SYSTEM as complex as a car requires digging up not just one vulnerability but a series of exploitable bugs that create a path through the target’s maze of defenses. So when researchers at the Chinese firm Tencent revealed they could burrow through the Wifi connection of a Tesla S all the way to its driving systems and remotely activate the moving vehicle’s brakes, they exposed a chain of security problems.

Tesla could have reacted by fixing any one of the bugs to block the attack. Instead, it went further, implementing a more fundamental security feature that will make the next hack of its vehicles more difficult for even sophisticated hackers to pull off.

leia a reportagem completa: https://www.wired.com/2016/09/tesla-responds-chinese-hack-major-security-upgrade/?mbid=nl_92716_p2&CNDID=28154998#slide-1


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